"Designing a world of beauty and sophistication, where luxury embraces innovation."


Eleonora Bafunno


Interdisciplinary designer and award wining entrepreneur active in Luxury, Arts, Innovation.

Eleonora was born in Italy into a family of innovators and artists, from a father known inventor and piano tuner and mother opera singer, and trained in different disciplines attending the Conservatory of Music and a renowned dance school in the city of Verona. She graduated at Istituto Design Palladio as interior designer and immediately started working at high-end furniture showrooms, dealing with major italian design brands.

She founded an independent business in Lugano in 2015 and created a startup project in 2019 supported by Fondazione Agire and USI Startup Centre attending BoldBrain Startup Challenge, until becoming an Innosuisse Startup project in 2020. She also won "International Startup and Innovative SME Award Swiss Federalism & GCBL Milton Friedman" in Zurich in 2021 for the entrepreneurial project "Bafunno Music Tech" and achieved the 4° place at "Le eccellenze italiane in mostra a Zurigo" in 2022, to promote Italian companies in Switzerland that contribute to the enhancement of Made in Italy.

Eleonora defines herself as a multidisciplinary artist who contaminates different areas of style and thinks outside the box, believes in the value of uniqueness and wants her customers to express their personal style. Multifaceted in nature, her transversal skills range from the creation of innovative concepts to  interior design and consulting, bespoke industrial design and 3D digital design and generative art, as well as a marked entrepreneurial attitude.

She stands out for the uniqueness and spectacularity of her works both in projects and bespoke furniture design with the addiction of digital art and technologies, she is aimed above new generations and their values of inclusion and new luxury: innovative, sustainable, phygital.